my independence day 

Today, the US celebrates stepping out of the motherland’s shadow and standing on its own. 

Today, I’m celebrating my own independence. I’m free of expensive period products. I’m free of ovulation pain. I’m free from ruining my clothes. I’m free of scheduling my life around my cycle! 

This is an entirely new thought: FREEDOM. 

I’m in pain now, but I’m so glad I made this choice. 

my last night with a uterus

I’m a little nervous. I’ve teared up a couple of times tonight… But mostly, I feel really strong and ready.

My period could come at any second–though I HOPE my last one (several weeks ago) was actually my LAST one.

If she starts overnight, to get one last jab at me, I won’t be mad… She’s being kicked out of a pretty awesome person.

If it doesn’t start, that’s fine too, cause it means I beat her to the finish line. She’ll never hurt me again.

Goodnight, Felicia, and goodbye.